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arcanika architecture studio arcanika architecture studio arcanika architecture studio arcanika architecture studio

About a studio

Architectural studio Arcanika was founded in 2002 by Nikita Vykhodtsev. Nikita had been doing architectural projects for 10 years both in Russia and abroad as well as teaching at Moscow State Architectural and Constructional University before he found his own studio. Arcanika had designed and built over 60 projects for more than 15 years of existence. Among them can be mentioned such projects as Technological scientific center PJSC Tatneft in Skolkovo and Administrative complex in Almetyevsk, the interior of the first Volkonsky bakery, renovation of the Korkunov confectionery factory, as well as other significant city and regional projects.

Credo of the studio is a principle of balance which can be paraphrased as less is more.

Today main priorities of the studio are city planning, projects of quarters with multifunctional administrative, residential and cultural buildings. The starting point for us is always our customer’s request, which we develop, after that chose an optimal architectural scenario together.

We use modern solutions based on world architectural experience and sympathetically relate to looking for inspiration in realized projects or different historical styles and flows. This way we find original ideas and with help of classical architecture and modern methods create groundbreaking projects.

Arcanika participates in Russian and international architectural competitions as well as cooperates with leading companies in architectural, design and engineering field.

CEO and founder: Nikita Sergeevich Vykhodtsev
Workshop 2020: Andrey Lopatin, Alyona Lanina, Daria Artyomova, Anastasia Aleksinskaya, Olga Bulatova, Anastasia Andriyanova, Sofya Nikolaeva, Ilya Grigoriev
, Artyom Ponomaryov, Ara Miridzhanyan, Karen Arakelyan, Tatyana Lapteva, Dmitry Tinaev, Valentina Korobchuk, Julia Lesovaya

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