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Тechnological center

The main goal of the project of the renovation of the Technological scientific center PJSC Tatneft in Skolkovo was to change facades of the building, to create the project of interiors of VIP and standard zones, navigation and landscape around the building. Pitch black colour of jumbo glazing of the renewed facade as well as print of microelements of technical devices printed on the toned glass symbolize oil and scientific achievements of the humanity. During nighttime this association is evident: night illumination of the building turns on and it seems as if energy is flowing through numerous microelements.

The pattern is printed on the toned inner glass of double glazing – owing to a big size of jumbo glazing it looks entire. The outer glass of the double-glazed window is triplex, the inner is tempered with energy-saving spraying. The glazing accentuates architectural proportions of the building and accumulates sunlight, creating comfortable insolation of offices and laboratories.

Status: Completed
Location: Moscow, Innovational center Skolkovo
Year: 2017-2018
Area: 9866 sq m

Nikita Vykhodtsev
Andrey Lopatin
Alyona Lanina
Anastasia Alexinskaya
Anastasia Andriyanova
Olga Bulatova
Dmitry Tumanov
Sofia Nikolayeva
Ara Miridzhanyan

Project partners:

Studio KD @archstudiokd
Landscape design partner- Arteza @arteza_landscape

Laconic and elegant interiors became a logical extension of renewed facades of the building. Interiors are designed in monochrome colours with bright accents. All the rooms are made according to two types of finish: representative and standard zones. To the first type refer spaces of the central block of the building from 1st to 4th floor: exhibitional spaces, central hall, conference hall, director’s offices. To the second type refer offices, open-spaces, coffee-points, corridors, lavatories.   

The square in front of the building is an all season public space, uniting all the nearby quarters. Main pedestrian flows from nearby bus stations cross the stylized eastern park with greenery, promenades, covered with granite crumb, decorated with black shungite stones. The inner yard, surrounded by the building facades from three sides, became a relax zone for employees and guests of the center.

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